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Save on showroom expenses, invest in ProKitchen Oculus. The top rated add-on to ProKitchen Software. The most cost effective showroom alternative for the kitchen & bath industry. 

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Kitchen & bath design professionals deserve the very best tools to present their custom designs. With ProKitchen Software, you have the design tools you need to give your customers high-definition 3D renderings and 360° panoramic visuals of their space.

ProKitchen-Oculus expands on this visual experience. Using Oculus Rift, ProKitchen-Oculus gives you a brand new tool to present your custom designs: fully immersive virtual reality.

ProKitchen-Oculus immerses you into your design, with the true sense of space lacking in 3D renders or 360° panorama views.

3D experience

HD renderings in 3D give a lifelike experience for your customers.

Interactive UX

Enables the user to interact with the space such as opening cabinets.

Creative VR

Make changes to the styles and  finishes on your design directly in VR. 

360° Panorama

Walk through the design space and move freely in 360 degrees.

Experience 500+ Catalogs in VR

“Our customers love VR technology. ProKitchen Oculus gives them the ability to see and interact with their kitchen before it’s even built!”

Getting Started with ProKitchen Oculus

You will need:

Make sure your PC meets requirements:

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This is an expansion pack to ProKitchen Software

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